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  • Identification of trailer heat zones and associated heat stress in weaner pigs transported by road in tropical climates 17/04/2021
    Heat stress is major welfare concern during transport of pigs in tropical climates, which can also lead to direct production costs. This study evaluated the dynamics of heat zones through the load and their relationship with heat stress of weaner pigs during road transport in a tropical climate. Both environmental (e.g. temperature and relative humidity) […]
    Nítalo A F Machado
  • Rearing temperature conditions (constant vs. thermocycle) affect daily rhythms of thermal tolerance and sensing in zebrafish 17/04/2021
    In the wild, the environment does not remain constant, but periodically oscillates so that temperature rises in the daytime and drops at night, which generates a daily thermocycle. The effects of thermocycles on thermal tolerance have been previously described in fish. However, the impact of thermocycles on daytime-dependent thermal responses and daily rhythms of temperature […]
    Gonzalo de Alba
  • Accelerated telomere erosion in schizophrenia: A literature review 17/04/2021
    Schizophrenia is associated with a weighted average of 14.5 years of potential life lost according to a recent meta-analysis. This is partly explained by high rates of suicide and a high prevalence of non-psychiatric comorbidity (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers…). However, all these causes could not fully explain the loss of life expectancy in people suffering […]
    C Corfdir
  • Geriatric Trauma 17/04/2021
    Geriatric trauma patients will continue to increase in prevalence as the population ages, and many specific considerations need to be made to provide appropriate care to these patients. This article outlines common presentations of trauma in geriatric patients, with consideration to baseline physiologic function and patterns of injury that may be more prevalent in geriatric […]
    Drew Clare
  • Enhancement of jaw bone regeneration via ERK1/2 activation using dedifferentiated fat cells 17/04/2021
    CONCLUSIONS: DFAT cells promoted osteoblast differentiation and new bone formation through ERK1/2 and Smad2 signaling pathways in vitro. The transplantation of DFAT cells promoted new mandibular bone formation in vivo compared with that seen with ASCs. These results suggest that transplantation of ERK1/2-activated DFAT cells shorten the mandibular bone healing process in cytotherapy.
    Seiichi Fujisaki
  • The immunosuppressive and pro-tumor functions of CCL18 at the tumor microenvironment 17/04/2021
    Chemokines are essential mediators of immune cell trafficking. In a tumor microenvironment context, chemotactic cytokines are known to regulate the migration, positioning and interaction of different cell subsets with both anti- and pro-tumor functions. Additionally, chemokines have critical roles regarding non-immune cells, highlighting their importance in tumor growth and progression. CCL18 is a primate-specific chemokine […]
    Ana Patrícia Cardoso
  • Colocutaneous fistula following <em>Clostridioides difficile</em> infection managed as an 'autocolostomy': a novel approach to a recognised complication 17/04/2021
    Colocutaneous fistula is a rare entity in colorectal disease. We present a case of colocutaneous fistula in a patient whose postoperative course following a laparoscopic anterior resection for sigmoid cancer was complicated by Clostridioides difficile colitis. During the follow-up period, it was found that his bowel contents were preferentially discharging through this fistula which had […]
    Marriam Ahmed
  • Non-surgical animal model of gastroesophageal reflux disease by overeating induced in mice 17/04/2021
    Previous animal models of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) were not physiological and required a variety of surgical procedures. Therefore, the animal model developed by conditions that are similar to the pathogenesis of GERD is necessary. The aim is to establish a non-surgical animal model with GERD caused by overeating induced in mice. To induce mice […]
    Nu-Ri Im
  • Cytochrome bd promotes Escherichia coli biofilm antibiotic tolerance by regulating accumulation of noxious chemicals 17/04/2021
    Nutrient gradients in biofilms cause bacteria to organize into metabolically versatile communities capable of withstanding threats from external agents including bacteriophages, phagocytes, and antibiotics. We previously determined that oxygen availability spatially organizes respiration in uropathogenic Escherichia coli biofilms, and that the high-affinity respiratory quinol oxidase cytochrome bd is necessary for extracellular matrix production and biofilm […]
    Connor J Beebout
  • REM Sleep Microstates in the Human Anterior Thalamus 17/04/2021
    Rapid eye movement sleep is an elusive neural state that is associated with a variety of functions from physiological regulatory mechanisms to complex cognitive processing. REM periods consist of the alternation of phasic and tonic REM microstates that differ in spontaneous and evoked neural activity. Although previous studies indicate, that cortical and thalamo-cortical activity differs […]
    Péter Simor

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